Located near Coca Cola, Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy, is Southeast Louisiana’s premier indoor training facility for baseball and softball players of all skill levels and abilities. We offer a state of the art turf playing field, batting cages, as well as, baseball and softball pitching mounds. Our facility will provide a quality environment for boys and girls to learn and promote the sports of baseball and softball.

BaseballThe goal of the Louisiana Baseball and Softball Academy (LBSA) is to be the premier indoor baseball and softball training facility of Southeast Louisiana. LBSA aspires to provide the ultimate training facility for all those that strive to achieve their goals. Our facility can be used to develop not only the playing skills, but also fundamental characteristics that allow these players to become successful on and off the field. The facility, in conjunction with local sports organizations, local rec organizations, local schools, and businesses will advocate a basic commitment from everyone to work together to provide an ideal development opportunity for EVERY young player, regardless of skill level. It is with this vision that we have opened our state of the art training facility.

As you may or may not know, the development of successful athletes requires many levels of commitment. LBSA is committed to providing the best environment possible for these individuals to achieve their personal and team goals. LBSA offers the following: baseball and softball lessons taught by experienced instructors, baseball, softball and speed/agility camps, year round participation, training home of top college and professional players/teams.  Most of all, we will help make the game fun for players of all skill levels and ages.

  • Opened in April, 2013
  • Baseball / Softball lessons taught by experienced instructors
  • Baseball, Softball, and Speed/Agility camps
  • Fully enclosed, state-of-the-art turf playing field
  • Batting cages and pitching mounds
  • Training home of top college and professional players.

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