PITCH-NOLA Mission Statement and Approach

PITCH-NOLA Mission Statement

PITCH-NOLA was founded in 2015 to promote the game of baseball.  Our Mission is:

  •  To develop young coaches through technical and tactical education
  •  To inspire young players with an age specific growth model that will promote excellence, sportsmanship and achievement on the field
  •  To provide professional instruction and quality skill development in a positive, healthy environment

PITCH Approach

  •  PITCH will host staff meetings on development of programs that are age appropriate
  •  PITCH will deliver “Dugout Sessions” – meetings specifically for questions/answers between PITCH Staff and prospective coaches
  •  PITCH will provide “Classroom Coaching” Certification programs
  •  PITCH will address deficiencies and set goal specific skill development
  •  PITCH will evaluate and then, provide more specific additional coaching or practice
  •  PITCH will create age appropriate pre-practice conditioning, agility and strength training