PITCH-NOLA Summer Transition League

PITCH-NOLA has partnered with Carrollton Boosters and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine along with several well-respected high school coaches to introduce a city-wide baseball league that caters to the metropolitan players who have just completed their school’s baseball season and need a developmental league to progress their skills to the next level. While open to all, this league will cater primarily to those completing 8th grade with those completing 7th and 9th allowed.

The league includes games with instant on field instruction and feedback as well as six position specific clinics on Sundays prior to the games.
It will consist of individual players from all participating schools combining to play organized, high-level baseball while being coached by experienced high school and college coaches.

The $325 entry fee for a full summer of baseball includes:

• Initial PITCH-Assessment Event (May 13th)
• Approximately 14 playing dates (weather permitting) coached by professional coaches and high-level college players with PITCH certification
• Games to be played on Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
• Team Uniform Shirt and Cap
• Pre-game drill series
• One Month Membership to LBSA (Louisiana Baseball Softball Academy)

Season will run from MAY 13th UNTIL JUNE 28 at Carrollton Booster’s all-turf Avenger Field. Teams will be divided based on a PITCH-Assessment evaluation to include:
• A Functional Movement Screening to identify biomechanical flaws which may affect performance or increase the risk of injury, provided by Andre Labbe PT and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine • Baseline Recordings of baseball-specific movements – 60 yard – Grip Strength – Agility run – Shuttle – Bat Speed – Long Toss Length/Velocity – Broad Jump

REGISTER Online at www.carrolltonboosters.org
✓ Select REGISTRATION at top and then create a login.
✓ Be sure to select the 2017 P.I.T.C.H. Sponsored Metro League.

For more information on PITCH-NOLA and their other great programs, visit their website at www.pitch-nola.com.