Total Package Performance

Total Package: Performance and Wellness

Total Package is a Sports Performance and Wellness facility founded by Andre’ Labbe’, P.T.,M.O.M.T. and other researchers/clinicians, for the purpose of applying the best available science on Human Movement and Developmental Kinesiology to Strength Training and Injury Prevention for all ages. Total Package has a dual focus of adolescent strength training and injury prevention, as well as applying the same science to adults for functional training and wellness. We are the ONLY scientific evidence based functional training facility in the Greater New Orleans area.


Andre’ Labbe’ PT,MOMT, is a Physical Therapist in the New Orleans area that has been performing research on motor learning and injury prevention/ treatment throughout the United States and Europe. He has developed and teaches a number of different educational courses for PT’s, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, and Exercise Physiologists.

Andre has worked with numerous college and professional porgrams for the development and maintenance of their athletes. He has been a treating PT on the PGA tour and recently was the PT for the New Orleans Saints. He has worked with a number of strength coaches and researchers at LSU, Florida State, Witchita State, Australian Chiropractic Association and many others. He is also an instructor for a number of different companies that develop and produce tools for injury prevention and treatment.

He and his staff have recognized the growing need for strength training and injury prevention in the United States. There has been an epidemic of injuries in our youth, that were normally seen in much older athletes. This has led to a program based on a functional evaluation and training that recognizes deficits that can be addressed with sensorimotor training, strength training, and developmental approaches. These techniques are suited for all ages and body types, and has seen a special niche in the female athlete- who is normally not strength trained appropriately. This program utilizes education of the athlete, coach, and parent to make sure that the well-being of the adolescent is kept at the forefront. This philosophy and approach is utilized throughout all aspects of training at Total Package and will always be an evolving program spearheaded by Andre’ and his staff.


For more information on the programs and training offered by Total Package Performance and Wellness, please e-mail or call 504-300-1233.